Community Fellowship Groups

Welcome to RMBC Fellowship Groups!  We understand the need every believer has for corporate, congregational worship; but also the need we all have for small group fellowship.  That’s why we have several smaller communities within the larger body of RMBC to provide close-knit, personal fellowship with other believers.

The goal of our fellowship groups is to provide an atmosphere where each believer can develop deeper relationships with one another resulting in mutual stimulation of faith and greater care of the overall body.  We strive to meet this goal through regular meetings located throughout the county where together we sing, pray, serve one another, share in the Word of God, and oftentimes share a meal!

Here you will find some information about each group and how you can get involved.  Whether you’re new to the church or a long-time member, everyone is welcomed and encouraged to take part in this very exciting and necessary part of the Christian life!  If you have any questions about this ministry, please contact the office at 970-668-3395.