It is our joy to proclaim the good news of salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and to disciple those who have accepted this gift.  We carry out this mission in several ways.

Missionary Support - including, but not limited to, those from our local church family who have made the decision to work as full-time missionaries.  We desire to provide substantial support to a smaller number of missionaries as opposed to providing minimal support to a large number of missionaries.  This enables us to be involved and support personally our missionaries and develop strong ties to the churches and communities in which they work.

Quarterly Missions Projects - These projects are characterized by the ability of the church to meet specific needs of missionaries, mission organizations, churches, etc., immediately.  Typically, a quarterly missions project will not require a lengthy planning or preparation process on the part of the Missions Committee, Church Board, Membership, or the participants (if any) in the project.  An additional characteristic of quarterly missions projects is the ability to fund them using available funds accumulated within one calendar quarter.

Short-Term Missions Projects - One example of a short-term project would be our Uganda mission.  The Missions Committee and Church Board use the following criteria in selecting participants for a short-term project:

They profess Jesus Christ as Savior and are living a life that reflects an inward desire to serve the Lord.

They are an active attender of this congregation for a period of at least six months.

They agree completely with the Doctrinal Statement of the church.

They agree to be under the authority of the Church Board, Missions Committee and any designated leaders responsible for the short-term project.

They must be an adult over eighteen years of age or a minor traveling with an adult responsible for them. 

They must have the approval of the Missions Committee and Church Board.

They agree to abide by and endorse the decisions of the Missions Committee and Church board with regard to financial support. 

Mission Endeavors

Uganda 2010
Uganda 2008
Uganda 2007