Missionary Support

RMBC seeks to support missionaries financially, in prayer, and with any other resources that are available.

The church will only consider those missionary candidates who are in agreement with the statement of doctrine in Article IV of the church constitution.

All candidates will be carefully screened as to their personal testimony and their conviction of calling to mission work.  Other considerations will include the educational background and training of the candidate.

Only those candidates who are affiliated with a fundamental faith mission board or a supervisory authority acceptable to the Missions Committee and Church Board will be considered.

Providing substantial support to a smaller number of missionaries as opposed to providing minimal support to a large number of missionaries will be a consideration of the Missons Committee when making recommendations for support.

A candidate for support will make a presentation to the congregation if the Missions Committee and the Church Board approve his making the presentation.  The congregation will be informed before the presentation that the candidate is being considered for support.  After the presentation, support will only be provided if approved by the Missions Committee, the Church Board and the Church Membership.

The Missions Committee will review periodically the faith, doctrine, work, Mission Board status, and needs of each missionary supported by the church and will recommend any changes in support levels or any terminations of support it deems appropriate.  Except in unusual circumstances, such changes or terminations recommended by the Missions Committee will be made if approved by the Church Board and the Church Membership.  Normally, any missionary shall be given reasonable advance notice of any decrease or elimination of his support.  A missionary's unwillilngness to reaffirm his agreement with the doctrinal statement referred to above will result in termination of his support.