After being rescued from the brink of extinction by the Rocky Mountain Bible Church Mission, the church renewed its commitment to being a strong missions-oriented, missions-giving church. Accordingly, RMBC adheres to a number of guiding principles:

  • Expanding our missions outreach through an active Missions Program.
  • Sending at least 50% of total church resources out into home and foreign missions. Every year since 1995, the church has been near or exceeded this goal.
  • Emphasizing church planting while recognizing the value of world evangelism and relief-type missions. 
  • Providing significant support to a select number of missionaries to build stronger bonds between them and the church.
  • Sending the church's own people on short-term missions trips to expose them to the missionary vision and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to their hearts about lifelong missionary service. This on-going program began in 1989 with a trip to Twin Peaks Bible Camp. In 1990, Pastor Miles and Pastor Dwight George made the first of numerous trips to the Soviet Union. For the past four years, the church has sent teams each year for evangelism and church-planting missions to Uganda.
  • Supporting national church planting missionaries in their own countries rather than sending American missionaries to foreign lands. RMBC supports national missionaries in Russia, Australia, Uganda and Spain.
  • Providing a ministry of rest and refreshment for missionaries who are on furlough. RMBC's beautiful missionary house has already become a welcome respite to many missionaries in need of solitude and re-energizing. The church envisions a time when it could serve as a conference site for missionaries.
  • Never cutting its missions giving in order to hire additional staff, build church facilities, or add new church ministries.