Ingredients for an Abundant Christian Life

Sometimes in life we encounter spiritual ailments.  One common spiritual ailment is that feeling of “blah” in the day to day life.  One suffers from spiritual lethargy, apathy and indifference…stunted or slowed growth…a feeling of disconnect and disgruntlement.  He or she begins to wonder what’s wrong.  Is the church my problem?  Is the pastor or a leader my problem?  Is my family my problem?  Is my work my problem?  Is God the problem?  Am I my problem?  Is there something wrong with me and my faith?

Have you ever felt that way (maybe you feel that way now)?  The good news is that there is a remedy for that!  In this series the remedy is narrowed down to THREE ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS:  Personal Relationship (Spending time alone with God); Congregational Worship (Gathering together on Sunday morning for Worship Services); Community Fellowship (Getting involved in a smaller, closer knit group of believers throughout the week).

In this series we explore how Jesus’ promise of an abundant life (John 10:10) is fulfilled as one is ministered to by Jesus both personally and through His people.  Are these three essential ingredients mixed into your life?  If not, this is your invitation to get involved!