Moving Forward Together

The Nation of Israel has experienced a transition of monumental proportions: Moses, everyone’s hero, has handed off the leadership of the Nation to Joshua!  Moses was such a solid, godly and beloved leader.  Would Joshua be able to capture the people’s confidence and lead them victoriously into the Promised Land?

Rocky Mountain Bible Church is undergoing a transition as well: Pastor Bruce is handing off senior pastoral leadership of the church to a new leader, Pastor Mike.  Can a church move forward together under new leadership into a bright and promising future?  What potential dangers await?  What exciting adventures may we expect?

There is much to learn from the example of how God worked in the lives of Joshua and the Nation of Israel as they adjusted through their transition and pressed on into a new land and season of opportunity.  It wasn’t always easy, and they didn’t always do as they should have, but overall, the nation transitioned well and moved into the Promised Land together.  May we transition well and move forward together into a promising new future!