A Call to Order

Is it possible to make an evangelistic impact for Jesus Christ in a worldly society?  Absolutely!  In this pastoral letter of the New Testament, Paul writes to Titus, one of his apprentices, that has been left on the island of Crete to prepare the church to make an evangelistic impact for Christ.  The churches of Crete were growing in Christ, but there were certain things still lacking.  Throughout this letter, Paul advises Pastor Titus on how to set in order what remained and prepare the church to make a deep impact.

Whether one is a church leader or a layman, older or younger, a man or a woman, there are responsibilities and behaviors that must be present in life in order to prepare the way for an effective outreach in the surrounding community.

May we learn and apply these timeless truths so as to be a healthy church ready to deeply impact Summit County and beyond!